The Preschool at SSYC

SSYC Preschool has served the community since 1970. The center provides quality child care to children between the ages of 3 and 5 that are toilet trained. The Program meets the needs of parents who are either handicapped, working, or in a job training program.

We provide a comprehensive full day program (7:00am – 5:30pm) year round. Early childhood experiences are our focus. The High/Scope Active Learning Curriculum is used. This Curriculum allows the child to plan their own day. Children’s’ experiences are child directed, with teacher’s assistance.

Presently, the Preschool program focuses on Kindergarten readiness and can support a maximum of 180 students in 12 classrooms. Each classroom has a certified P-3 teacher and a teacher’s aide and follows the High Scope curriculum prescribed by the Plainfield School District. Under the Wrap Around program the Pre-school schedule is extended from 7AM to 6PM. The Preschool program was accredited by the National Association of Education of Young Children (NAEYC) in 2011 and re-certified in 2014.

Our Philosophy is to educate the whole child through experiences that enhance intellectual, social and emotional growth that leads to building a positive self image.

Read more about our Preschool Program at the Second Street Youth Center and how you can register your child.

After School – Past and Present

The After School program is a bridge between home and school and offers literacy strategies, leveraged learning, standardized test preparation and STEM projects such as robotics. The After School Program began in 2007. It is open to kids 5-11 and supports a maximum of 60 kids with a staff of four. The program was accredited in 2012 and is being re-accredited in 2016. Accreditation examines human resources, program organization, content, facilities and meals. Accreditation takes place every three years. Staff has been upgraded and trained to understand their role in the success of the program which follows the NJ Quality Standard for Afterschool.

Summer Camp is available during July and August (9 weeks) for 5-11 year-old kids. Arts and Crafts, field trips and projects are offered to the attendees. In 2015, we had 90 kids participate in our programs including a golf clinic at Galloping Hills Country Club.

Family and Community Outreach – Past and Present

The evening Teen Resource Center began in 2003 as a prevention program offering arts & crafts and homework assistance. In 2009 the program also offered Computer Skills training, Life Skills, mentoring, Friday Fun Night and a monthly family night.

In 2013, the program had arts and crafts activities on Tuesdays for elementary and middle school kids, mentoring sessions on Wednesdays for upper middle school and high school age youth and Saturday Academic Skills (Math and Language Arts, SAT and ACT preparation) classes.

Our Family and Community Outreach Programs are designed to promote the education and social development of children and families in our community. We have created an environment that will nurture and shape a young person’s growth towards competency, self-esteem and self-reliance. Opportunities to make choices, experiment, create, imagine and inquire.

The Youth Leadership Academy focuses on Growing Future Leaders by developing core competencies. These competencies follow a National model for youth development and youth leadership. The permission of a parent or guardian is required for participation in these programs.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp is provided for 34 children between the ages of 6 and 11, from July 1 to August 31. Our center provides full day service during the entire summer. Activities include roller skating, bowling, swimming, field trips, games and summer school work projects.